Maxwell Obiora Ngwu, better known by his stage name Sk Finest is a Nigerian singer, Songwriter, and Producer. He has a diverse musical style mix of Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, and Rap. His parent’s name is Mr. and Mrs. Ngwu Rubort, he was born in 2 September 1995 hailed from Enugu State Nigeria. Sk Finest once lived in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Sk Finest is the brainchild of African renowned singer and entrepreneur, Ngwu Obiora Maxwell (Sk Finest ), created as a wholly independent music label on August 25,2018, Sk Finest immediately captured the world’s attention. Sk Finest is home to Africa’s most exciting musical talents with dozens of awards, hit singles, brand endorsements, and other numerous achievements.

The roaster boasts of renowned artists such as Sk Finest are these exceptional talents have all brought in their diverse musical backgrounds to the Producers 18 carat have also contributed their own quotas in making sure the label keeps shining. The result is a perfect blend of Soul, Hip-Hop, RnB and Afrobeat productions.

Partner: Finest Empire’s
Albums: Super Stars University, Finest Hits Vol.1

Music Career

The first album released under the label was New World, a compilation album showcasing the talents of the Sk Finest. Released to huge popular acclaim, the album became part of national conversations. Other Albums like Sk Finest (Beloved), have also achieved monumental feat to mention but a few. The Sk Finest team has wowed their audience and fans with their performances at different locations, settings, and venues. These include performances at corporate and elite events, stadiums, musical concerts, and many more.

However, to the credit of Sk Finest, all artists have been able to stand individually releasing individual hits. To this end, the artists on the platform had released lots of hit songs individually and collectively. Undisputable Pan African hits like New World, Super Stars etc. has been released.

The Finest Empire’s president and CEO, Sk Finest had promised esteemed fans and supporters that the record label will soon be regarded as the “POWER HOUSE OF MUSIC IN AFRICA”. It’s been 5 years since then and its best to say that Sk Finest Empire’s have fulfilled that promise. The star musical talent on the roster is matched by a strong backroom team that is all industry leaders in their respective fields. With a goal to influence lifestyle and global sound, our fans can be assured that there will never be any dip in our quality. Remember, don’t just be amazing at what you do, be a fan at Finest Empire’s.